Private Christian Gymnasium

Is a nongovernmental (indepenent) gymnasium, where ecumenical attitudes and Christian values are being formed and instilled. School children as well as teachers come from different Christian churches.

School History


The school was founded in 1993 by “The Word of Faith Church”. For two years it had only primary school classes. In 1995 the school received compulsory school status and from 2010 – secondary school status. For the first six years the school was run in Vilnius city. Later from 1999 to 2005 it functioned in Vilnius district. The school started to operate in the city of Vilnius again since 2005.

Gymnasium is run and works according to the license of the Ministry of Education of Lithuania, independently implements the governmental educational politics and coordinates its activities with The Department of Education. Gymnasium has the legal right to issue state approved certificates for school-leavers: after successful completion of studies, pupils obtain Primary Education Certificate, Basic Education Certificate and Maturity Certificate.

In Vilnius Christian Gymnasium students are taught according to state curriculum provided by the Ministry of Education and state- approved course-books.

Since the number of students in classes is rather small (varying from 6 to maximum 15 students) the teachers can successfully notice and support students’ learning needs. Good exam results are also regarded as a result of small classes and opportunities to approach students individually in classes.

Graduates of our school successfully continue their studies in Lithuanian and foreign universities or colleges. In addition, students also often take part in various school, Vilnius city or Lithuanian competitions, contests, olympiads.
Since 2001 our school is a member of ACSI – Association of Christian Schools International.

School Mission and Vision


The vision of the school is to help a child discover God’s created world and find one’s place in it.

The mission of the school is to provide students with highly qualified Christian education. It is visually represented in the symbol of a bird and its two wings- one wing stands for highly qualified education. It advocates for the following mission statements: teaching is based on state approved education curriculum, qualified teachers, small classes and individual approach to child teaching, positive teacher- student relationship and cooperation with parents in learning-teaching process. The second wing stands for Christian education and individual growth in Christ. Its main statements are: the importance of the formation of world outlook based on the Scripture, teachers of faith in Christ, the focus on both knowledge and Christian character formation, the formation of individual faith in Christ, drug and alcohol addiction prevention.

The school’s mission and vision can be shortly summarized within the lines of the Bible: Start a boy on the right road, and even in old age he will not leave it. Prov. 22, 6.